In the Garden

Over the River and Through the Woods

As I was making lunch, Kate walked into the kitchen and asked if I would like to go explore the woods, across the river, in our backyard.

I instantly said yes, what a great idea; I then commented on the fact that I did not know she had figured out how to get to our turkey and deer’s playground.

She responded that we will follow their path – literally crossing the river, the way we have seen them do countless times.

It took me a second to realize that on this very chilly day, with temperatures well below freezing, that what she meant was for us to walk over the now frozen river, go down the banks, and walk on the icy path, until we had reached the other side, oh my!

Suddenly, I turned the stove off, and thought what a great idea; an adventure in our own back yard. Since we have lived here, we have watched the turkey’s scamper off to the other side, any time they are scared, and have often spied deer resting in the woods, just out of camera range.  But thus far, the closest we have gotten to the other side, was watching Marcial take a dip in the river.

I must say it was quite a thrill, even if the cracking snow covered ice, along the banks did give way on more than one occasion, stirring a few involuntary o’s and are you sure about this, the exhilaration felt, as we walked upon the frozen river, made me appreciate Marcial’s swim even more.

It was truly beautiful to walk along the river, seeing the animal tracks and the beauty of nature in such a pristine environment; also it was nice to challenge myself, and overcome a bit of trepidation – in case you are wondering, there was one slight tumble, but no one crashed into the river!

Turkey Tracks

The Frozen River

A Closer Look at What I am Sure is Someone’s Home

I Feel Overwhelmed with Joy

Simply Perfect

I Could Not See Any Fish Swimming

A View Worth Crossing the River For

The Frozen Banks

Red or Magenta

I Find this to be Beautiful

Kate on the Other Side of the River

Me on the River

Our House on the Other Side of the River

I Wonder if We Could Start a Fire

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