In the Wild!

Old Friends at Kentucky Downs

We were in Kentucky and Kate said she wanted to pet a horse; not always do wishes come true so easily, but on this day it was just that simple.

The first time we pulled off the I-65, in Franklin, Kentucky, was when we were traveling with our dog Merry, and searching for President Abraham Lincoln’s birth home, which we did not find; instead we pulled into what appeared to be an abandoned race track.

We walked around a bit, looked for someone to talk to, and when we found no one, let Merry off of her leash, and off she went like the thoroughbred she was!

Our last visit brought us to 5565 Nashville Road, which is beside the track, and houses horses that are now retired from racing.

The stables and grounds are home to horses that have been rescued; for a five dollar donation, per person, we were given a private tour, that included the information about the organization and the horses that we were also allowed to feed.


The staff was very nice and accommodating, and I think Kate quite enjoyed herself!


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