In the Wild!


Over our morning coffee, as we looked out, on our back yard, we pondered exactly how nice it would be to see alpacas roaming through the trees and maybe, going down to the river, for a drink of water. We actually contemplated what we would need to do, to give them a happy place to live.

In full disclosure, we have been thinking a lot about bringing a new dog into our life, so we may have been missing a pet, a bit too much, to tour an alpaca farm; but these animals were so absolutely adorable and as I stood petting them, listening to Kate ask about their care, there were more than a few moments spent, on wondering, if we could bring an alpaca home.

The family farm we toured, East Coast Alpacas, 21 Clearview Drive, Biddeford, Maine, 04005, 207-590-5630, could not have been more charming and accommodating, answering questions and granting us access to their adorable animals.

The alpacas, related to camels, are originally from South America; and raised for their fiber, which is spun into a very soft and luxurious yarn, that is similar to cashmere. It has been about twenty years, since the alpacas began to be imported into Maine.  There are two kinds of alpacas, Huacaya, which were what we met at East Coast Alpacas, and Suri.

We did not bring one of these sweet, cooing animals home; but I could not imagine a child not wanting an alpaca of its own!

What a welcome!

The expectant mothers – most carry a single cria, or baby, at a time.

The farms prize winning chief male alpaca!

They are herd animals, and thus if you are considering an alpaca – consider at least two or three! 

Look at that face – how could you not want to take one home with you; and they were so friendly and of course as soft and cuddly, as they appear!

I am sure he is not waving –

“Who exactly are you here to see?”


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