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Riverbanks Botanical Garden

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.”

~ Frances Hodgson Burnett ~

The Secret Garden

I love gated gardens with architectural features that invite you in to explore their treasures. It was particularly nice to have this garden to myself.

One of the things I most enjoyed, during my stroll, was the simplicity and familiarity of her offerings. Yes, I love exotic plants, mostly those from the tropics, that stir you into a state of steady anticipation, waiting for their treasure to come forth – be it once a year or once every hundred years; and reward you with some intoxicating aroma, or glorious colors or intricate flowers, or delicious fruit, but it is also quite comforting to go out into your garden and know that you will be met by a blooming plant!

When I see what a simple six pack, of something that can be purchased, at the local garden store can do with a little bit of love, I think it encourages one to get outside and create a garden of your own – meanwhile, walk with me and let me share this little secret garden with you.

Such subtle beauty

There is so much to love about this stained glass window — especially where it is displayed

Just a hibiscus — but perfect

What a nice display — I can do this


The Morning Glory – so aptly named

Could not help but think about “The Road Not Taken”

I love banana trees – to me they are the quintessential tropical plant – they fruit easily, and can be grown in pots, as a house plant!

The faithful vinca or periwinkle

Is that eggplant — indeed

Rainbow Eucalyptus

All good gardens must offer you a place to sit and contemplate

I did not pick a thing — but I did want to

So very delicate

I did not see who lives here

A wonderful grouping of easy to care for plants, which always perform spectacularly

Dale Chihuly glass creations are the perfect addition to any garden

Come on!

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