In the Wild!

Bunny Rabbits at the Back Bay Fens




I so love pleasant surprises! Recently, while walking in the Back Bay Fens, part of the Emerald Necklace parks system that covers seven miles in Boston; my eyes were directed toward a small rustling noise, which to my delight was a small, brown bunny!



According to the Friends of Jamaica Pond web site (link below), there are two kinds of rabbits in the park, both cottontails, The New England Cottontail and the Eastern Cottontail; and in order to differentiate between the two one must measure the rabbits and perform DNA test – neither of which I did – thus I share with you my less than fine quality pictures, taken with true joy, as I followed them through the gardens.



The rabbits did not seem terribly surprised that I was walking through their habitat, and of course, I continually tried to get closer to them, hoping to photograph them, before they took off for greener pastures.


Photo taken peeking through a fence — sorry about the quality — but what a face




A picture of the famed cotton tail


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