The Bromeliad with that Pink Flower, not a Pineapple,

the other most famous Bromeliad

I am still here, though I am having trouble writing about food and plants and especially history, in Public Square. 

Can politics be put aside?  I do not know, but regardless of how or why we got here, we are here; or at least some of us think we are “here”.  Yes, we are living in day when we cannot even agree that there is a pandemic, or that people’s lives are being impacted financially, or that there is social unrest and what it should be called.  These days feel unprecedented, in terms of gravity, and it has been difficult for me to share post which can feel so frivolous. 

Never-the-less, I see that today is the 27th of the month, and I am so far behind, on my post.   Obviously, I am not out and about, photographing things to share with you, but I have rarely posted in real-time.  I am going to try to catch-up a bit, if for no other reason, because I cannot have all of my “normal” taken away. 

As I shared with you last month, I have been enjoying my garden, more than ever.  This week, as I was watering, I happened to notice, this aechmea in bloom.  I was so excited; it truly lifted my spirits to see this beautiful bromeliad in bloom. 

I had put it up on my “mud table” to repot it, as it has already produced a pup, but luckily, had not gotten to it.  I noticed it had not bloomed yet, and thought it needs some attention. 

This morning, as I was watering, I noticed that its sister bromeliad, they came from the same mother plant, has also bloomed!  Again, I had planned to re-pot the bromeliad, and again, so glad I did not. 

This is a fairly easy bromeliad to own, and keep in pots.  It faithfully blooms.  I hope you are finding blooms too!


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