Father’s Day

(My Father, Mother, holding my sister Caroline, Joy and me)

Regardless of pandemics, financial crises, or social unrest, we do not want to forget to honor our fathers; you still have time to buy a card!

I lost my father more than thirty years ago, but it does not mean that I do not think of him often.

Lately, I have been remembering his nightly ritual, of emptying his pockets. Does your father create a little pile of innocuous things, which feels rather special, just because it is his?

My dad carried both a wallet and money clip, beside loose change; a plastic tube like Vicks inhaler, as well as Bianca, to sweeten his breath, if needed, I do not remember him ever having needed it; an ink pen, a comb, usually some bits of paper and business cards, he had collected throughout the day and always a handkerchief. He would add to this pile his watch, a ring, and car keys. Occasionally there might be a piece of candy or a mint. I so wish I had thought to photograph that little meaningless pile.

I hope despite everything that is going on, you are able to find a way to celebrate Father’s Day. If you are a father, may you know that your contributions, even those that do not seem very exciting, like going to work every day, taking out the trash, or mowing the yard matter. Seemingly meaningless gestures are actually very important, and your children are counting on you!

Photo courtesy of Caroline Mosqueda Gregan, thank you Caroline.

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