The Hawaiian Room

Bear with me; this post does belong in Nature, I promise.

Before going to visit my Aunt Helen, in Florida, I had not heard the term “Florida Room”.  It is another way of saying solarium, sun room or sun porch; the idea of an additional living space, which helps to bring the outdoors inside.

Oddly, Kate’s office, in Maine is in what was officially called the Florida room, when we purchased this house.  But to me, my real Florida Room is in Florida, and I love it.  Yet, as 2021 continues to limit our ability to travel, I have not had access to my Florida room in a while, and I am missing all that it represents.

As you know I lived in Hawaii as a child, and spent a season there as an adult.  I have more than a few memories tied up in those islands, and have already written about how in Florida, subconsciously I have filled the yard with Plumeria’s and other plants which have recreated the garden I played in as a child.

But perhaps my greatest memories of Hawaii are the trip Kate and I took together.  She had to go there on business, and things worked out for us to take additional time and truly have one of the most relaxing vacations of our lives.  I know I have also written about why that time was so special, so I will not go into again.  Never-the-less, Hawaii remains our word for carefree.

Recently, I decided that my indoor garden, which is in the pool room, in Maine, was looking like late October in Maine, more so than what I would like.  The plants which had spent the summer outside were dying back, and the lack of ability to refresh annuals was showing.  It needed color!

There are not too many flowering plants for sale in Maine, at the moment.  But Kate had to go into Home Depot and I asked her to buy me anything in bloom; I was desperate for color.

She brought home these beautiful anthuriums.  Before repotting them, I decided to do a little research.  In the past, I have found them difficult to grow.

What I found was that they do not like direct sunlight, which surprised me, and while they needed to be watered almost daily, they do not like soggy roots.  I wanted these plants to thrive, so I stepped back before proceeding.

I eventually decided to plant them orchid pots.  I figured the pots would provide the proper drainage.  I mixed orchid bark with soil and placed them on the table, where I keep my Hawaiian Village.

I also decided to change the name of the pool room to the Hawaiian Room.  We need more carefree in our life.


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