My Container Garden’s Visit to the Sunshine



We decided to take the container garden outside this summer; the plants which live around the indoor pool.



There were plans of doing some painting in the pool room and we most definitely wanted to give it a good cleaning; but it was also time to do a lot of repotting and maintenance, which I felt would be easier to do outside.


(I wonder how the dinosaur found a home  in the Cuban oregano 😉 


Initially, I scattered the plants around the yard, and added a few annuals in pots. I very much enjoyed watching how happy the plants were in the sun, and even solved a mystery, well half solved it. This vine showed up, on its own, and I never knew what it was, I like that it grows in the conditions provided, but had no idea who he was; the sun and not enough water, in my opinion, actually brought him into bloom! He is a keeper!



When we decided to head west this summer, Kate created a watering system for the plants, thus they were all moved together.



Recently, I went out to sit in the midst of my container garden, wanting to enjoy a little sunshine too and the beauty of the plants; much to my delight a tiny hummingbird showed up to drink from the flowering basil. I am notorious for not caring my telephone with me, thus I did not get a picture of him, but I certainly enjoyed the visit. Later, standing inside, I saw him come say hi to the impatients; the quality of the photograph, shot through the window, certainly is lacking, but nevertheless, you can get a peek at him.



The nights are beginning to get chilly, and the first leaves have begun to turn and fall; it is time to bring the garden back into the house.



I feel a little bad for some of the plants, like the eggplant, who has a tiny eggplant forming; well more like she has put forward a beautiful purple flower, which will become an eggplant.



I hope she will have time to grow up; perhaps with a sunny enough spot indoors, all will be well.



I have so enjoyed how happy the herbs have been outside and of course watching the great-niece and great-nephews pick tomatoes, and eat them, was a delight!



I love the garden; I hate the limitations of time on both me and my plants, but if there is anything which reminds you to live in the present, while planning for the future, it is gardening – well, and children too.



The tomatoes were so happy to come outside.






Originally, I took this picture excited to see the baby Brussel sprouts; later, when I uploaded the shoot, I was particularly taken by the juxtaposition of this photo. I smiled at the very American Brussel sprouts, shadowed by the very Cuban banana tree.

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