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9/11 Memorial of Maryland

When I was a child, I remember adults talking about where they were on December 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, and on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy was killed. I am honestly a bit embarrassed to say so, but I also remembering wondering what my generations, “I will never forget where I was” moment would be; it turned out to be September 11, 2001.

One of the things that I found interesting about the Nine Eleven Memorial in Maryland, different from many others we have visited, is its accessibility. Located at the World Trade Center in Baltimore, it is situated in an area with a lot of pedestrian traffic; I think this was a wise choice for its location. I was also quite taken with the fact that they honor the three sites and sets of people, which were attacked that day.

From their website:

“9/11 Memorial of Maryland

Dedicated on September 11, 2011, the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland at Baltimore’s World Trade Center honors the extraordinary heroism, commitment and sacrifice of Maryland’s 9/11 victims, rescuers, first responders and their families. The Memorial provides a special place of contemplation and a site to remember and reflect upon the events of September 11, 2001.

About the Memorial

The Memorial’s focal point is an artifact from the Twin Towers, selected by a delegation of members of the Maryland Commission on Public Art, the Maryland Port Administration and the Maryland State Arts Council. The 22-foot-long steel artifact, consisting of three twisted and torn amalgamated steel columns, is the centerpiece of the Memorial. Three limestone artifacts from the Pentagon and a large black granite monoliths representing those lost in the Shanksville, PA crash are featured in the Memorial’s design.”

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