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The Giant Redwoods

I love this old postcard; it has been in my collection for years. This tree had been hallowed out by fire; allowing one to step inside of a giant redwood – or park your car!

Our fascination with the giant redwoods, of northern California, began when they were first sighted, by human eyes, and will continue as long as the trees exist. They are a marvel to behold, that propel you to reach out and touch these ancient wonders in a state of awe.

If you are still looking for a summer road trip, may I encourage you to venture up the 101 toward the National Parks and the tourist sites, along the way, all perhaps a bit kitschy, but worth the stops.

Also, like posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in New York, you will want to snap a picture at one of the “drive-thru” trees, even if your car does not quite fit; it may feel a bit silly, but when in Rome!

A post card from my nieces, Beth and Allison

They took a family camping trip, when they were children; a memory that I know has stayed with them a life time, and fed a love for nature that they are now passing on to their children.

Beth and Allison in the Sequoia National Park

Allison and Beth in the Sequoia National Park

In case you are heading to San Francisco, and do not have the time to drive further north:

“Serene giant Redwoods 20 centuries old rise to 300 feet in Muir Woods National Monument, located across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, less than 16 miles from downtown San Francisco.”

This is actually a rather informative and enjoyable link regarding the Auto Tree:

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