Poet’s Corner

The Last Time

The last time comes more often
Than we would like
Especially as we get older
Rarely is there any advanced warning
That this will be the last time
And that we should memorialize the moment
Living in a world of check lists
It is business as usual
We do not stop to savor the experience
To marvel at the enchantment in front of us
We casually say our hello or good-bye
Chasing away thoughts
Of what did not get done
You tell yourself
You will get to it next time
But the next time
Does not always come
You cannot realize
Until after the fact
That that was the last time
What would you have done differently
If you had known
Would we have lingered just a few minutes longer
Or perhaps taken a photograph or two
Ordered another cup of coffee
Or shared a piece of pie
Reached out and touched his hand
Or given the hug that we knew she needed
Life is so very fragile
It changes without notice
And in a moment
What you thought you knew is gone
And all you are left with is the realization
That that was the last time
~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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