Poet’s Corner

Foreign Lands


In foreign lands the rules do not apply.

Desire can overrule reason,

and it is okay to fall in love for a moment,

knowing that a week from now,

his face will begin to fade from memory

and soon there after

your lips will no longer be able to utter his name

though your body will still remember his touch –

and that will be enough.

In foreign lands you go by touch,

with moonlight replacing floodlights.

What does it matter, if your view is obscured?

After all, you are not looking for happily ever after –

just a momentary passion, to take your breath away.

In foreign lands right and wrong can be reversed,

as there is no one there to remind you

that carnal pleasures lead to mortal sins.

In foreign lands your heart can not be broken

by expectations or demands.

The words spoken are sifted through smoky rooms

with quite music and half-filled cups of whisky.

In foreign lands the rules do not apply.

The mornings never bring regret.

Instead, you pack your bags,

and sail away into the sunset,

keeping that empty book of matches,

or fading program,

for no apparent reason.

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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