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Why Don’t We Care?

 atlantamap 224 - Copy

My question is real,

and I need an answer,

I do not understand

why is it that we do not care;

yet pretend that we do?


Are we really just looking

for another bumper sticker,

to attach to our car;

one that will cause the person,

sitting next to us in traffic,

to smile our way or honk in support?


We prance around,

proclaiming our causes

and our faith,

exuding what appears to be

a fierce passion and

unwavering commitment,

until that moment

when we are called to act

not just speak.


Suddenly, there is a proclamation:

extenuating circumstances

must be considered,

things may not be exactly as they appear,

this case is a bit different.

this person has had multiple opportunities,

which one may feel

they have squandered.


Do they really need help,

is asked allowed;

compassion, understand, and sympathy

have all been given in the past,

maybe it is time for tough love,

and as our glass house is spotless,

we feel qualified to fire the canons

straight into their bruised and battered soul.



this is the right course,

become a fan,

post a meme,

share a link,

and then sit back

take our bows

in multiple likes

and comments

about what a good person

we are.


But would it really

be that hard

to actually care,

to become a good person,

to genuinely care,

and simply be kind?

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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