Poet’s Corner

I Stand and Applaud You


I stand and applaud you.


Rarely do words,

my most constant

and faithful companions

fail me

but at the moment,

I am at a loss.


So, I stand and applaud you.


To endure injustice is never easy,

to survive it marks you worthy of praise

but to thrive through it,

is an accomplishment achieved by few,

and at the very least,

that should be acknowledged.


So, I stand and applaud you.


You were bludgeoned to a pulp

left with near fatal wounds,

that no one will ever truly know about

or completely understand;

but still somehow

you chose to live.


So, I stand and applaud you.


The horror has come to an end,

no longer will you be within their reach;

you have finally been freed,

undoubtedly by God’s love and grace,

that has enabled you to take your rightful place,

that was earned through your endless toil.


So, I stand and applaud you.


Take your bows as they are well deserved;

I know that you will not rest on your laurels,

but do take at least one well deserved minute

to stop and reflect on what you have achieved,

for you have survived and thrived,

despite their cruel injustice.


I stand and applaud you.


~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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