Public Square

Center of the 48 States

Lebanon, Kansas is the geographic center of the lower 48 states. Until we came across this sign serendipitously, it had never occurred to me that this was a place I wanted to see!

The plaque on the stone foundation

But it turned out that I did and it was a charming stop, for so many reasons. Obviously, because of our Lebanese friends, any place named Lebanon, is somewhere I want to see; and I have always been fascinated by the cedars of Lebanon.

But this stop also involved an open chapel; and two on site locations, which welcome contributions, where Kate added one of Mother’s Smiley Jesus tracks, which I was so happy she had on her, and handily available.

Amazingly, this plaque, is dated June 15, 2019, the cedar tree had just been planted, weeks before we made this unplanned stop. I have always wanted to see the cedar trees of Lebanon, which the Bible speaks of.

I find it rather wonderful that at one time, building a chapel was an acceptable way to mark something like the center of this country.

Happy Easter

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