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Special Greetings

Recently, I received this lovely card, in the mail. It was from one of my Mother’s dearest and long term friends.

First, I loved that she dated the card! Please, date everything – historians of the future will thank you!  I also loved that she addressed to Jill, C. and signed it Leona C.  As when last I saw her, (link to the story is below) I commented on the fact that it was not until a few years before my Mother’s death, that she told me that I was named for Leona, my C is for Cristina and hers is for Christine.

Thus, when I received her very beautiful card, with such a lovely message, I was quite touched by both the sentiment and the salutations.

However, my appreciation for the card grew more deeply, when going through a box of my Mother’s papers; I came across a very similar card, from Leona to my Mother, dated 12-30-2010.

I know the world of instant messaging allows us to be in the moment, sharing life with loved ones regardless of the miles between us, but it does permit us to retain the moment for posterity. So by all means, pick-up the telephone, send an email, or write a text, but do neglect pen and paper, someday one of your children may be quite happy to be able to hold a card you treasured enough to keep, sent to you from a friend, who you knew for over fifty years.

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