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What Else Could Matter


With every step

I feel life returning

I dig my toes deeper into the sand

Lingering longer than needed

Waiting for the tide to rush in

Letting it bathe first my toes,

Then my feet

Finally my legs

The sea wants to envelope me

And I surrender to her healing waters

The sensation is familiar

But distant

From another time

A different story

From the one I am now living

I want more of this moment

I always seem to want more

I sigh deeply

I stop and face the sea

Standing on the shoreline

I linger and feel the heat penetrate me

The sun shines brightly

It beats down on me

But I will not seek shelter


I welcome her extended rays of warmth

They pierce right through me

Warming both my soul and body

I have been cold for too long

Frozen in a foreign world

That I do not know how to navigate

And have grown weary of attempting to understand

Fearlessness suddenly enters me

I stare straight up into the burning blaze

The wind begins to caress me

Gently whipping my hair around my face

I am momentarily blinded

But it does not matter

I do not need my eyes to see this moment

I want to let go

The gulls beckon me to flight

To take another step forward

Into the sea

I feel her offering me life

Renewing my wounded spirit

Washing away my sorrow

There is hope

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