A View From the Road

The Sign



It is “the” Las Vegas sign. The image was designed in 1959, by Betty Willis, who declined to hold the copyright, as she felt it was a gift to the city; thus it has been photographed by amateur and professional alike, and graced everything from magnets, yes, I have one, to t-shirts and mugs.



Located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, in the median, now with ample parking for tourist, who want to stop and take a picture, or locals who are marking a moment of importance – like a wedding, it should be a place of merriment, where you stand in line to wait your turn to take a picture, and chat with those around you about the silly things strangers talk about when on vacation or celebrating a milestone.



Sadly, the area around the sign, has become a place of grieving, as we try to deal with the evil attack, on innocent concert goers, by a mad man, whose name I shall not publish.

To honor each of the victims of the 1 October, 2017, shooting, Mr. Greg Zanis has erected 58 crosses – video at the link below.

While I grieve with my nation, and continue to pray for all of those directly impacted by this needless tragedy, I am also going to remember Las Vegas, as the place I got to see Dean Martin live, just because I told my Father that I wanted to, and he said let’s go!



Las Vegas will not be defined by this tragedy nor will our nation. I know that it has been a season of sorrow, and for many of us our resources have been stretched trying to help so many in need, so until I am given a better suggestion, may I also urge you to keep praying.


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