A View From the Road

The Big Duck


It is literally a building shaped like a big duck – and of course, given my fondness for ducks, I had to make the pilgrimage – even in the middle of the night, and yes, it was worth the drive.

He lives on Long Island, New York, in Suffolk County, which was once a prime duck farming area, and was the brainchild of Martin Maurer, who created the Big Duck to sell his duck eggs.

The inside of the Big Duck

I love these types of silly stops; roadside attractions designed to grab the drivers attention and of course spur commerce. Over the years the Big Duck has been moved several times and now serves as a museum and gift shop, as well as a source of tourist information.

Kate being silly

Below is a link to a movie I saw on PBS, Unusual Buildings and Other Roadside Buildings, which I feel may have first introduced me to the Big Duck, though I cannot say for sure – either way, it is fun to watch, and I must say I have made more than one stop based, on this film, and remember when I did see it, feeling pretty happy I had already seen a few of those buildings.


The Back of the Big Duck

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