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More Orchids

fairchild 067
I cannot help myself; I adore everything about these beautifully exotic plants, most especially that I shared my passion for Orchids with my Mother; who is of course the person who introduced to me this marvelous plant.  Thus, Happy Mother’s Day — I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Motherhood than with a montage of  Orchids!
fairchild 056

The most ideal ways to decorate nature, the color is always brilliant and once in bloom, the flowers will, in many cases, last for weeks.

fairchild 032

Cattleya Orchids always make me think of my Mother, in the most delightful ways, she so enjoyed my Orchid garden.

fairchild 073 - Copy

White and purple Cattleya

fairchild 084

A Lone White Cattleya Standing at Attention!

fairchild 088 - Copy

Perfectly Splashed With Color!

fairchild 069 - Copy

They are Vibrant!

fairchild 075

Lady Slippers!

fairchild 086

Yes, Red!

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