National Human Trafficking Hotline

Usually, when we stop for take-out, Kate goes inside to order and or pick-up the food; but this stop, at a restaurant we have frequented before, fell on me. After ordering and paying for our food, I stepped aside from the busy counter, as the restaurant would soon be closing, and the patrons and staff were in a bit of a flutter.

It was as I waited that I first saw the sign near the front door; I drew closer. There are several Mi Casita’s, but we were at one in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I so wished Kate was with me, as she is fearless about most things; I wanted a picture of the sign, but felt a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I knew my intentions were honorable, and decided to all be it quickly, snap a couple of pictures.

I was so impressed that the restaurant would so boldly and openly post this sign – silence and secrets are our enemy, I thought, as I kept looking at the sign: “No one should Forced, deceived, or pressured into work or sex acts. Get Help or share a tip, call 888-373-7888; Text: BEFREE 233733 – Human Trafficking

We need to bring this conversation out into the open; I urge you to take a look at the National Human Trafficking Hotline webpage, and see what else you can do to be a part of this conversation; and if you are in the area, make it a point to drop by Mi Casita, I know I will be back, I believe I should support them for their efforts toward ending the evil that is human trafficking.

In fact, this is something we can all do to raise awareness and support those businesses that are working to get this message out; if you see a sign like the one I am sharing, and are feeling bold, snap a picture of it and send it to me, along with the business where you saw it, and we will give the business some free publicity – it is okay if it is your business too!


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