The Union Oyster House


This month, I am not going to share a recipe with you, rather a restaurant.  To mark a bit of our history, we headed to the historical Boston landmark The Union Oyster House, which according to their website “is the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S. — the doors have always been open to diners since 1826.” It was a charming and very much worth venturing out for, even as a Nor’easter approached.

Kate had called ahead and made reservations, a few minutes of time well spent; we were given the table we requested, not the Kennedy booth, so in demand, and of no interest to us, but a table with a view of the bustling street below us.

I was a bit apprehensive, as I am not fond of touristy places, but perhaps because we went in winter, what we encountered was a warm ambiance, with good food and reasonable prices.

Our server was a delight and the entire staff was professional, kind and friendly, enhancing our celebration and exploration of American history.

Surprisingly, perhaps, our food was excellent; we tried both the surf and the turf, especially enjoying the complimentary corn bread, a home staple which we both appreciate.

Also, and very importantly, at least to me, it still has matches! The above post card, the brochure and the matches, all free for the taking – a nice memento.  There was valet parking nearby, which in Boston is quite a feat; I would happily recommend this restaurant and look forward to taking our next guest.

A peek at their brochure

Have not mastered the selfie; but here we are getting ready to go to dinner.

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