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Turn On the Light!

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What can I do to help? Those six words have been spoken a great deal in my home, during the last ten days.

It has been a hard week, in fact, I would say one of the hardest weeks we have known in a very long time. We have been forced to deal with serious and unexpected professional, medical, and personal issues; compounded by the tragedy in Dallas, a city we love and have had many a great moments in, as well as our nation as a whole.

As the week’s events continue to unfold, we have found ourselves looking for ways to help one another ease the pain of the turmoil and terror; and I bet we are not the only ones, in our great country, who have had that kind of week.

I feel rather certain that many us our waking up to a Monday with the grief brought on by unexplainable loss, or with financial challenges which seem insurmountable, or heartache that leaves us breathless – I understand, it has been that kind of week, maybe that kind of month, year, decade.

But in the midst of my personal hardships, the events around my nation are the ones which leave me feeling the most helpless. We are inflicting so much chaos and anguish on our country, and I fear that instead of working to repair what is broken, we are instead racing toward utter destruction.

So what can we do to help? There are countless groups, on all sides of our current national dialogues, soliciting money and time; you follow your convictions, but I would like to suggest that we unite to bring light into this darkness, which is sweeping through our nation.  Turn on the light!

For a small investment, we can all buy a yellow light bulb, a color which has not been commandeered by any of the groups, dominating our news, and put the yellow light bulb on your front porch, or a lamp in your front window, and let the world know that you want to illuminate the world we live in, bringing light into the darkness of distrust, miscommunication, and lack of understanding.

We have serious problems in America and the world, issues causing great anguish and sorrow, but folks; it is not too late – at least in America, our government rest in our hands – We the People!

Are we looking for solutions or just trying to create unrest? We need to remember that this is our home, perhaps with a leaky roof, a desperate need for a paint job, and carpet that needs replacing, but this is still our home.  If we burn down the light of the world, how will any of us be able to see?

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