An Addition from Lithuania



Last year, I added a small piece to the autumn village, which I called a solarium; along with the tea house. I had found it at a second hand store, been intrigued; as it was not like anything I had seen before, deciding it must be something placed over a votive. It is made from clay, very detailed, and adorned with what seems like ceramic glaze. When I bought it, I assumed I would use it as a votive, but its color scheme matched the autumn village, thus that is where it found a home.

Recently, I ventured into Goodwill, and found my newest addition; I was drawn to it because it reminded me so much of my solarium. On the bottom of what I am calling Caroline’s Cottage, I found stamped “Made in Lithuania”. Lithuania? Lithuania! To my knowledge, this is my first Lithuanian treasure.



As I cleaned up my new piece, and found a place for it, in the autumn village, I was struck by how indeed similar it is to my solarium. I have concluded that the solarium must be missing its base. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the solarium and with Caroline’s Cottage; I do keep telling myself I will add no more to this village, but somehow Caroline’s Cottage seemed too special leave behind and lets face it, there is always room for one more person or piece in our life!



Knowing what I had found, I have now been able to do a little research, and it turns out that Lithuania votive holders are ceramic handmade works of art, that can be purchased on the internet, if you are so inclined!



This year, I have borrowed more elements from the Christmas village, all that will be returned, in about six weeks; oh my I was not ready for fall, it is hard to believe winter will here that quickly.

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