In Nature

Change is Upon Us

I love gardening; I love planting seeds and watching them sprout and checking their growth, and I love harvesting their bounty, be it flowers, fruits, vegetables or just plain beauty that welcomes you in allowing you to entertain, be alone, or chat with God.

This column originally started with my desire to share my garden with you, thus the name. Over the last seven years, of this feature, I have heavily featured my gardens, as well as shared with you various beautiful gardens and plants I have encountered on my travels.

However, I feel this space evolving past its original concept, and believe a name change is in order: Thus In the Garden will now become In Nature.

Our inaugural column In Nature will be A Garden of Driftwood. I hope you enjoy this change.

A Garden of Driftwood

On a perfect sunny day, we strolled along the beach in Northern California and found the beauty of the sea competing with the beauty scattered on the shore.

I will admit it took every ounce of self – restraint to not try to haul some these marvelous pieces home; I so understand why driftwood has inspired artist and carpenters for years.

The impact of the ocean, sun, wind, and time on wood is marvelous; and I am most grateful these pieces have been left exactly where they landed, to be enjoyed by all.

I must that after seeing what Paul can do with wood, it might be much better to imagine hauling wood to his house instead of mine!

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