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Pagoda & Oriental Garden

In Norfolk, Virginia, while searching for the Mermaids, which dot the cities landscape, I was advised by a passerby, that I should make sure not to miss the Pagoda & and Oriental Garden.  I thanked him for his suggestion, and stepped up my pace!

This small urban garden, nestled on the waterfront, in an inviting neighborhood, of mostly multiple family dwellings, is dominated by the Pagoda, which was originally a gift from the Taiwan Provincial Government.

I imagine it the kind of spot enjoyed by both tourist and local residents, with its pleasant views and peaceful landscaping.

Though I was not there in the spring, the website below captures images of its flowers in bloom

A small stone pagoda

I love weeping willows – I remember hanging onto their cascading branches, as a child, and swinging away – not an activity available with this specimen

A place to sit and contemplate

A grove of bamboo

Cannonball Trail – part of a self-guided heritage trail through the city of Norfolk

An invitation to stroll

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