Opuntia Microdasys


Bunny Ear Cactus

I cannot honestly say why I am drawn to this cacti, but I am.  Yes, like all of its siblings and cousins, those spines are painful, and you must be careful when handling it, wear gloves!

But in these days, which feel covered in thorns, I so want to see the roses; do you? 

This cactus is actually easy to grow, forms a natural barrier, provides a steadfast view, is simple to propagate, and has pads and fruit which are edible; and it flowers!

That is quite a lot for one plant to do.  As we all feel the weight of the world, on our shoulders; I hope you are finding ways to share the burden, and that in the midst of so much sorrow, there is a rose, to brighten your days.

By the way, the cactus does not taste like chicken, more like green beans.  If you decide to cook it, make sure you have a very good pair of gloves, and a sharp knife, to remove the thorns first. 


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