Winter Has Arrived



Regardless of how we may all be feeling, I think we can still appreciate the beauty of a snow covered world, especially on the first day of winter.



I have ventured out, into the backyard, to capture a bit of this winter wonderland. The river behind the house appears to be frozen; soon the turkeys will no longer fly into our yard, they will walk!



I wonder who has been here?



The crabapple tree has settled in “for a long winter’s nap”.



I asked Kate to leave a couple of lawn chairs out; I had hoped we would still have one more bonfire before the season was through, but alas that did not happen.



Charlotte’s bear; the last time Charlotte was here, Kate took her to Home Depot with her, on one of her many trips to the store.  Charlotte saw this bear, which is also a lantern and insisted on adding it to our world.  The bear fits in beautifully, and she always reminds me of the many contributions Charlotte made to our Christmas celebrations.


“The Garden”



And the frozen pound.



Christmas is just days away; I am looking forward to at least one play date in the snow; I hope you are too!



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