Poet’s Corner

May I wish you a Happy New Year?

We may not be able

any longer,

to wish the total stranger

a Merry Christmas;

and well be confused

about the appropriate greeting

which accompanies Hanukkah,

or know if Kwanza is still being


and if so by whom;

but whether devout

or devoid of any faith at all,

everyone wants a Happy New Year.



wait a minute there,

most everyone wants happy,

but there is some disagreement,

amongst many,

as it turns out,

about exactly

when a New Year


Oh my.

My Judeo-Christian,

Western world


has indeed taken quite a

licking of late,

and mostly,

as it turns out,

over things which transpired

a rather long time ago,

all without my encouragement or support

as I was nowhere to be found.


Another New Year

is fast approaching;

the second hand is ticking

toward that moment,

when we hold our breath

for the briefest of seconds,

quickly count to ten,

then hopefully cry out:

Happy New Year!

I want to shower those I love

with kisses and hugs;

and those who are simply

standing in front of me,

at the check-out counter,

to taking my money,

at the tool booth

or parked next to me,

in the icy lot,

I want to wish them well.

Do I dare?

I want you to be happy

in this New Year

and to wish you well,

even if you do not quite think

of this as your New Year,

it is my New Year,

and I would like to say to you

Happy New Year.

May I?

I just do not know if I may,

though I am certain that I can,

if you would just allow me.

May I wish you well,

even if you are an atheist,

and you know that I am not?

May I wish you well,

even if you are a Democrat,

and you know that I am not?

May I wish you well,

even if you are politically correct

and you know that I am not?


Without the hope of a smile,

or even a wish in return,

let me say to you

with a sincere heart,

I wish you

a most

Happy of New Years!

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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