Poet’s Corner

I Am Always Wrong


I do not seem

to have a single thought


I feel bombarded

by a thousand words and ideas

all crashing into one another

circling around my mind

as if driven

by their own will

instead of mine

I am too old to continue

to believe in happy endings

or the erroneous notion

that there is a right thing to do

and that someone

may want to do

that right thing



I need to step away

from my cluttered brain

and forget the notion

of a Prince Charming

riding up on his white steed

I wonder if I can

become unencumbered

from my own mind

is it possible to clear my head

of the chaos

at least for a moment

in time

accepting that no one

wants to step up to the plate

it has been left unattended

with intent


I do not seek

to permanently

separate myself

from my thoughts

but I do need

a respite

even in my sleep

my thoughts

continue to demand

my attention

I cannot find the rest

I so desperately

yearn for

and need


if I just accept

that right

over mite

will not prevail

I can finally stop

seeking and hoping

and then

I will have peace


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