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Besitos y Abrazos

I keep checking the door
Looking through the peephole
Joyful in anticipation
It is not Christmas morning
Or my birthday
Nor is a long lost friend landing soon
Yet I run around the house
Making sure everything is exactly as it should be
Fresh strawberries and grapes
Chocolate chip cookies
And cake
There must always be cake
I step outside and look around
Walking to the end of the driveway
There is a bend in the road
Which I could never see past
But I look anyway
Deep breath time
They are coming
I know those sweet
Smiling faces will soon arrive
With Besitos y Abrazos
Disembarking anxiously from their car
And run to greets us
With a pure overwhelming love
Which neither expects nor demands
Anything other than love in return
Oh how they feed the soul
They make everything right
With the world
It is time to swim and swing
Climb on the stacks of wood
Play at the river’s edge
Pick tomatoes and cucumbers
Oh wait
I forgot to put the cucumbers out
It is good I have a few extra moments
Okay cucumbers our on the cart
We are ready
And when we are all tired
By the running and the jumping and the playing
We will settle in to watch Monster’s Inc.
Until it is time for
Besitos y Abrazos
~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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