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Both a Wanderer and Wonderer


trip 215 - Copy


I am both a wanderer and a wonderer


I wonder if you are as well

it seems that perhaps

you too may have been dusted

with the enchantment

of being a wanderer and wonderer


I know being a wanderer and a wonderer

can make life a bit challenging

and at times

perhaps a tad lonely

but I am not sure

I could have it any other way

could you


I was born with the need to wander

both near and far

to see in person

what is photographed in books

to touch with my hands

what was created by both man and God

to taste for myself

what was made from the earth and sea


I cannot help but wonder

about who first trekked the path I walk

or how they felt with each step they took

or if there was someone by their side

when they gazed upon the wonder

which I now view

did the moment stir them on

or was it the answer

to an unasked question

which finally led them to stop wandering

can one stop wandering or wondering

would you want to live without

wandering and wondering


I do not think so either

I am both a wanderer and a wonderer


~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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